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We work with hard-to-reach communities to co-create a world where everyone has access to power and the internet to educate, problem-solve, connect and play.

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We do this through  Hello Hubs,  solar-powered internet stations that get people online, providing access to world class educational software.

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It's how we do it that matters most

Co-creation is at the heart of what
we do.

By partnering with communities from the outset and listening, we adapt our support to the needs of the community. They direct their own education, skills-building and problem-solving.

These are the things we care about most:

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We only work with communities who have invited us to partner with them. Our Hello Hubs are built, managed and maintained by the community.

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We challenge traditional attitudes to international aid and education. Our entire approach is community-led, shifting decision-making to the people directly affected. Communities decide how Hello Hubs are used and which resources or activities will benefit them most.


We learn from the communities we partner with. We listen carefully to what works and what doesn’t for each community, shaping how we work in the most impactful way.

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Innovative & Replicable

Our engineers tackle real-world problems head-on with brave innovative designs. We want our designs to be easily replicable by others so that Hello Hubs can scale yet further.

Why do we do what we do?

40% - that’s FORTY PERCENT - of the global population do not have meaningful access to the internet.

The problems are plentiful - lack of power, slow,  unreliable or unaffordable connectivity, or because they lack the digital skills needed to use the equipment effectively and benefit from what the internet has to offer.

Shockingly, this means over  3 BILLION  of the world’s population remains totally offline.

Isolated and vulnerable groups are among the least connected to the internet.

Internet access enables education, life-long learning, communication, and entertainment. It also allows communities to make their voices heard, collaborate with others, access new services and opportunities.

Which means they are missing out on all of the benefits and the potential to life changing content the internet has to offer.

Every child has the right to learn, yet

1-in-6 children,
244 million worldwide,
are not in school.

This is why bridging the digital divide is so important to the next generation.

Collectively, the entire development community globally cannot afford to expand their reach simply through schools and teachers. There are 70 million too-few teachers to hit global education targets, and that doesn’t get remotely close to reaching all children.

This is why Hello World exists.

Something had to be done for those millions of kids with no school coming any time during their childhood.

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Here are some real examples of our the impact of our work, from community members themselves.

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