Help us decolonise aid and bridge the digital divide!

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Educational Software


Provide world class education for up to 1,000 children!

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Community Projects


We hire a support officer from every Hub community.

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The full kit for a Hub, locally bought.

“Do you know what you have done for these girls' future? You have connected them to the world and hence opened up opportunities for them - there is so much that they can know.”

Esther Omongele, Uganda.

Here’s some of the fantastic work you have funded so far:


70 Hello Hubs in Uganda

Providing power, connectivity, education and egineering training to communities that need it most, and allowing them to thrive. Over 90% of all Hello Hub users agree that the hubs have vastly improved their quality of life and level of opportunity.


When The Day ran their inaugural Young Journalist of The Year Award in 2022 children from across the world took part, including from some of the most elite schools going. Among the entrys were over 70 from Hello Hub users. 6 of whom were shortlisted for awards and one Francoise Kyhala who won first prize for climate award.

Fancoise, winner of the young journalism award

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