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Globally 1-in-5 children is not receiving an education.

Hello World works with marginalised communities to provide access to online learning and bridge the digital divide.

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Knowledge is Power

Hello World's solution is solar-powered internet-enabled education hubs. Built by the community for the community.



£1 to educate one child per year*
*Based on hardware costs, average # of users and each hub lasting for 5 years


Built, managed and maintained by communities


Partnered with local organisations and country-based teams

The Hello Hubs

Sugata Mitra’s TED Talk on the power of child-led learning provided the inspiration Katrin had been looking for: community-led development!

The Dome In some places, more rain cover and sunshade are needed, and so we designed the Dome.
Hello Hub 2.0 Like our very first Hello Hub but stepped up to the next level.
The Classroom Hello Hubs can be put into schools too! Here’s a classroom-based Hub which supports teachers and in-school learning.
The Power Station Not sunny enough to power? No problem, this Hub has a magneto charger to top up the batteries with pedal power!
iPad in the Wall An homage to our friend and Advisor Sugata Mitra and his original Hole In The Wall experiments. These Hubs can drive people to health centers and libraries.
Crate Every Hub arrives in one of these easy to transport crates and the community chooses the configuration.

Hello Gallery

Hugh Jackman, Actor

"Considering how difficult it has been for even a wealthy country like the United States to bring Internet access to its own schools, the accomplishment of Project Hello World cannot be understated."

Stephen Fry, Actor, Author and Broadcaster

"Hello World’s solution is so simple, so achievable, so brilliant that I think it’s really worth supporting"

Adam Shaw, Journalist, Presenter and Broadcaster

It may be called the World Wide Web, but the Internet is dominated by the voices of the rich world. The brilliant work of Hello World, helps open the door for those who haven’t had access to the life changing resources and platform that the Internet provides.

Controlled by local groups who best know the needs of their communities, it is a wonderful idea led by dedicated people. It is a programme I wholeheartedly support.

Stephen Bird, CEO abrdn plc

"A charity that, like us, is solving the problems of today and tomorrow with innovative thinking, sustainable values and a futurist approach"

Sugata Mitra, Educational researcher & 2013 TED Prize winner

"Hello Hub, to me, is like the grandchild of the Hole in the Wall, 16 years later…"

Joanna Lumley, Actress and Activist

"I think this is FANTASTIC! Such simplicity and such efficacy all rolled up together! I am in awe. I support Hello World with all my heart and think it is the smartest idea since sliced bread."

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