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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find quick responses to questions that we get asked all the time!

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Can I volunteer at a Hub?

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Nope. Each Hello Hub is built by the community for the community. The more work a community does on a Hub the more valued and cared for it will be. Volunteers who come, work and then leave take their energy and positivity with them when they go. By keeping everything local we encourage each community to see their Hub as their own, not something that has just been given to them.

How much does a Hub Cost?

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This one is not so easy. The equipment needed to build a Hub costs around £8000. However, this doesn’t include transport, planning labour, expertise or ongoing costs. We find that the average cost of one completed Hub to Hello World is between £19-20,000. Each Hub lasts for a minimum of 5 years (usually tablets are outdated by then) and serves around 1250 people.

Can you help me build a Hub?

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Love to. We’ve made our methodology available to everyone through our how to build a Hello Hub guide that you can find on this site.

What educational software is loaded onto a Hub?

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Each Hub tablet has key educational software: Khan Academy Kids, Masha and The Bear, You Tube Kids, Feed the Monster, Chimple and Play and Learn Science. These are all intuitive and fun apps designed to be easily accessible to early learners. We work with communities to select additional software, this could be coding software, musical or artistic programmes and so on. You can find out more in our journal article Improving the Software at a Hello Hub.

Isn't social media a bad idea in remote communities?

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Only if it's a bad idea everywhere. Social Media can be a useful communication tool and everyone has the right to be a part of the global conversation. However it is not without its problems. Mis-information and online bullying are not taken lightly. We empower Hub communities to learn about source checking and reliable information through journalism and life skills training courses.


We work with journalists, filmmakers and photographers to raise awareness. Let's help more communities.

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