Hello World's Hello Hub: Advancing Community-Led Digital Literacy and Connectivity in Partnership across Nigeria.

Hello World's Hello Hub:  Advancing Community-Led Digital Literacy and Connectivity in Partnership across Nigeria.

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Hello World's Hello Hub:  Advancing Community-Led Digital Literacy and Connectivity in Partnership across Nigeria. 

Hello World, a UK-based not for profit, dedicated to bridging the digital divide, is excited to announce its expansion to Nigeria. In January 2024, in partnership with the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), The Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD), Tizeti internet and seven local Community Network micro-organisations, Hello World will introduce the innovative Hello Hub model to Nigeria. 

The initiative is supported by funding from 48 percent and will launch with an intensive training programme for CITAD and representatives from the community organisations. This programme will focus on equipping participants with the community engagement and engineering skills required to construct Hello Hubs. “Hello world is about to change the lives of our people in Dakwa by bringing something we have been yearning for years. This Hub will be maintained at all cost”. – Ismaila Shuaibu, Chairman Dakwa Micro-organization, December 4, 2023. 

A Hello Hub is an out-door, solar powered, internet kiosk with rugged public touch-screens which are loaded with educational software, designed to be built, managed, maintained and used by the whole community. A Hello Hub is always adapted to its context,  and these Hubs will be unique for each community.

“I founded Hello World when I was living in Nigeria, and it is Nigeria  which inspired an idea that now reaches 80,000 people with the internet.  There are about 10.5 million out-of-school children in Nigeria even though primary education is officially free and compulsory. There are not enough schools and teachers to provide them with their fundamental right to an education. I wanted to find a way to bridge this education deficit with digital tools, enabling children to self-teach. It is thrilling to finally  be returning to Nigeria to train community-based organisations to take Hello World’s designs and community-led engineering methodology to their states, where it will be adapted to suit their context. This will connect thousands of remote communities to unlimited free wifi, to hardware through which they can access the internet and educational resources, to training which empowers communities to take a lead in their own development and take ownership of their Hello Hubs. Nigerians are the most resourceful and industrious people I have ever known and this work is inspired by that spirit of innovation. It is a joy to be returning.”  Katrin Macmillan, CEO and Founder of Hello World.

A Hello Hub will be constructed in real-time in the Dakwa community during the training. This inaugural Hub will be supported with complimentary Tizeti internet service. At the culmination of the training, CITAD and the participating micro-organisations will be fully equipped to independently build Hello Hubs across Nigeria. This capacity-building approach ensures the widespread sustainable expansion of the model, reaching more communities that are disconnected from the digital world.

Once constructed, each community  Hub will transform into dynamic centres for skills development and learning. CITAD will conduct both basic and advanced digital skills training, enhancing computer literacy and awareness among children and adults. “The Hello World initiative is actually an encouraging process because it triggers community contribution by leading in providing the major parts of the resources needed. This approach inspires the community to contribute in the best way they can to the deployment and sustaining of the project” – Dahiru Abubakar, CITAD programme officer, Jama’are office. The Hubs will provide access to world-class educational resources, along with tailored digital literacy programmes,.

The impact of this initiative extends beyond education. Our experience shows that Hello Hubs increase access to education and skills building  and promote livelihoods healthcare, news creation, information access, and business opportunities across Hub communities. "Affordable access to communications and information underpins the ability of marginalised and remote rural communities to improve their livelihoods and well-being, so APC is delighted to be collaborating with Project Hello World and CITAD in supporting the deployment of Hello World Hubs in Nigeria."  Mike Jensen - APC (LocNet)

Hello World's expansion to Nigeria represents a significant step in its mission to connect the unconnected, empower communities with digital literacy, and open doors to a world of opportunities.

This work would not be possible without the support of our implementing and funding partners. Our partnership with APC, CITAD, Tizeti and each community, supported by our funding partner 48 percent, reflects our collective commitment to bridge the digital divide and bring transformative digital opportunities to marginalised communities. We are proud to work  together in this endeavour, to create a more connected and equitable future for communities in Nigeria. .

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Nathan Binomugisha

Communications Manager

Project Hello World