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From CSO to Mechanic - Sepi's New Career

From CSO to Mechanic - Sepi's New Career

My name is Mutalonsa Sepi, a resident of Kabahinda community in Nakivale refugee settlement in Isingiro District, South Western Uganda.

I was amongst those who built the Hub in 2019. As we were installing the system, I was active in wiring since I knew a little about it, and I was eager to learn more.  I was able to maintain discipline during building activity and began helping tell other people about how good the internet is! I could see people of Youth Centre Base camp, and how they were enjoying the Hello Hub that had been installed there, just before ours in Kabahinda.

I also had some skills in computer applications and had completed Ordinary level of education (Uganda Certificate of Education)

I joined Hello World in 2021 as a Community Support Officer. I was chosen by Hillary who was a Hello world regional coordinator and seconded by the administrator of the school together with the chairperson Lc1 and the majority of my fellow community members.

This was my role as a the appointed Community Support Officer Kabahinda

1. Making sure that the Hub is clean before use as well as its surroundings by, mobilising my community to wash the Dome cover, sweep the floor and pick up any rubbish around the Hub before use.

2. Guiding those community members who didn't know anything about the digital devices. The majority had never seen what they call a smartphone before!

3. Engaging Hub users in some different activities like literacy and language, computer training, basket weaving (traditional), and game-playing for children.

4. Collecting data (ODK) every Wednesday and writing weekly reports.

5. Since covid19 was a global pandemic, I made sure that my community stayed safe, following the standard operating procedures guided by the ministry of health.

Achievements as a CSO Kabahinda Hello Hub

While working as a CSO I gained more skills in communication where I learnt many languages from others at the camp. I also improved my computer skills, teaching myself something every time I came to the Hub.

As a member of the Hub Mentors programme, I learnt how to write a CV, report, and take minutes from my partner at abrdn.

I also improved my English. The team could organise some trainings and meetings and we were given the opportunity to submit our reports about the Hub verbally before the team leader.

I also learnt some parts of wiring during Hub build activities which I was part of. I could also practice repairing some minor problems in the Hub.

I am proud to have Worked with Hello World as a Community Support Officer Kabahinda Hub and proud of communication skills which I gained from both the community and mentorship programme.

I am also proud of the computer skills I have learnt and proud to have served my community as a Community Support Officer!

My journey to Kampala.

As I am pursuing a National certificate in automotive mechanics (NCAM), I am required to go for industrial training which needs me to repair or service machinery like vehicles, generators or factory machines (practical), which are not in my community.

So I decided to go to Kampala so that I can achieve my dream of being a mechanical engineer.

I will prefer to give my experience as a mechanical engineer, to my mother organization Hello World if given the opportunity.

My appreciation; I thank Hello World, and the abrdn team, that are looking towards promoting livelihoods through skilling community members with free digital education access, and by providing communities with tablets and free unlimited internet. And I also thank Hello World that has been my mother organization.

Sepi is now in Kampala, following his dream of becoming a mechanic