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Connecting the Next Generation

Connecting the Next Generation

How Hello World and Partners Drive Digital Education for Youth on World Youth Skills Day

Here at Hello World we’re incredibly excited to be celebrating World Youth Skills Day. There is no better way to show our commitment to the up-skilling of youth, than by announcing the completion of ten new Hello Hubs in the West Nile Region of Uganda! None of this would be possible without the support of our incredible partners: abrdn, Andan and Roke. Through our collaboration, and the help of the ten communities, we are now providing free internet access, power, tablets and world-class-educational-software to hundreds of children and teenagers.

"We are immensely proud to partner with Hello World in their noble mission of empowering vulnerable and remote communities" said Roger Sekaziga,  CEO at ROKE Telkom. 

"Through our collaboration, we have been able to bring the power of connectivity and educational resources to those who need it the most. The completion of the hubs marks a significant milestone in our shared journey to bridge the digital divide. Together, we are transforming lives, opening doors to knowledge and paving the way for a brighter future.”

World Youth Skills Day is a reminder of the importance of skilling teachers and young people for a transformative future. We are thrilled to see the completion of these new Hello Hubs. They will provide youth with the opportunity to access the digital resources they need to succeed in school, learn new skills and connect with the world around them. With Hello Hubs, young people can transform their futures by gaining the skills they need to succeed in today's economy.

Stephen Bird, CEO of abrdn, and Hello World supporter, said "Hello World – a charity that, like us, is solving the problems of today and tomorrow with innovative thinking, sustainable values and a futurist approach."

Not only are Hello Hubs a place for people to learn, be inspired and pursue their dreams, they serve as a place for people to have a voice and to just simply connect. Richard, a teenager at one of the hubs, excitedly said, "right now my phone is charging!" He usually goes days without any battery and not being able to communicate with his friends. Our ability to access the Internet is a human right.

Festina Hellen, a student of Yoyo Secondary School, says that as a student, it has been hard for her to carry out her school research. "We have to conduct our own research and with many new topics I am so grateful for the Hello Hub because the free internet will make learning so much easier."

It’s celebrating days like World Youth Skills Day that remind us why we do what we do. It’s a privilege to help connect communities to the internet and empower teachers so together we can give the youth the skills they need to carve out their own futures. 

The ten new hubs are located in Barakala, Midigo, Geya, Lobe, Youth Center, Odrave West, Apo host communities, Yoyo Secondary School, Luzira Bright View Primary School, and Ariju Primary School in Bidibidi refugee settlement. All in the Yumbe district, the West Nile region of Uganda.