We love data. We use it to understand the efficacy of what we do at Hello World.

We have put data at the heart of our organisation and have partnered with 60 Decibels to measure our impact.

Listening and understanding how our communities use the Hello Hubs needs to shape future development. It also gives us (and our partners) the conviction to roll out our Hubs to more communities.

We use all sorts of active and passive data to understand the impact of Hello Hubs. We are committed to sharing our findings, when we know more, you’ll know more.


myhellohub has been built to give each Hub community a place to communicate, with their peers and with other Hubs across the world. You can also see usage information on each Hub, location, how much data is used, popular apps and so much more.

All here at myhellohub.org

Or keep scrolling to see our Impact Data.

Do the Hello Hubs improve quality of life?

90% of all Hello Hub users in Uganda agree that the Hubs have improved their quality of life, with 56% of users saying, it has “very much improved”. In Nepal 87% agree that their hub has improved their quality of life.

(data from 2020)

  • No Change
  • Slightly Improved
  • Very Much Improved
  • Got Slightly Worse

What are the Hello Hubs used for?

The Hello Hub users have a varied interest when using the Hubs. 43.7% of the activity is for Entertainment and Social Media purposes. A solid 33.9% is used for Education via educational games or for school work.

Let’s talk about porn! Only a tiny 0.7% of the searches are for adult purposes; many of which can be blocked by community installed safe-searching.

  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Social Media
  • News and Info
  • Work
  • Other

How many users learned a new skill at their hub?

In Nepal 55% of Hub Users had learned a new skill while in Uganda 47% had done so. An encouraging result!

(data from 2020)

What Gender are hub users?

Approximately 68% of users are male. We are working with communities to get more women to the hubs through projects such as Hub Heroes and our partnership with Women in Tech Uganda. We still have work to do to get things closer to 50/50.

(data from 2020)

  • Male
  • Female

How old are Hello Hub users?

In 2017 75% of all Hello Hub users were of School-Age and 25% of these have no other schooling.  Encouraging stats given the benefit we know self-directed learning has.

  • School-Age Users
  • School-Age Users with no other Schooling

Are there any good alternatives to the Hello Hubs available?

In Uganda 94% of Hub users have no access to a reasonable alternative, in Nepal that figure stands at 77%.

(data from 2020)

  • No
  • Maybe
  • Yes

How much are the Hello Hubs used?

Across all Hello Hubs, the average usage is 19hrs a day. An average user comes to the Hub 2.0 times a week with each visit lasting an average of 1.8 hours.

(data from 2017)

  • 19 hrs / day

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