We close the digital divide

Hello World work to bridge the digital divide by providing connectivity, education and power in full partnership with hard to reach communities.

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Our Work

40% of the world still does not have access to the internet. We’re on a mission to change that.

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Hello Hubs built

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The story of Hello World so far ...

Internet is a human right.

Our work with remote communities empowers them to learn how to make their own outdoor, solar-powered, internet connected Hello Hubs, loaded with world-class language appropriate educational software.

As a result, these previously hard-to-reach communities can now:

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Stay in touch with family

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Raise their voices

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Advocate for their rights

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Educate themselves

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Solve problems

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Start businesses

Decolonising Aid.

Hello Hubs put community-driven progress, ownership and insight at the heart of our work in order to provide sustainable solutions to help communities improve their lives.

Proudly community driven

Hello Hubs are built in full partnership with communities who decide where they go and what they look like and learn how to maintain and repair them.

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Solutions designed to be copied

Free, in-depth instructions on building your own Hub make it easy for others to copy us using widely available off-the-shelf parts.

The proof is in the pudding

Our work with communities has made material difference to living standards, and we’re only just getting started.

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But it’s not just us and the communities:

A huge thank you to our all of our wonderful partners.
Without forming the key strategic partnerships on the ground, operationally, and commercially to fund our projects and communities across the globe, we wouldn’t be able to do the wonderful work that we do!

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The work we’ve done together has already made an enormous impact around the world, but don’t just take our word for it!

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Want to be part of it?

Become a partner and help us close the digital divide. Be part of the community!

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