Update: Hello World's Emergency Hunger Appeal

Food distribution

by Anna Sutton, Hello World Project Coordinator

A sincere thank you to everyone who has already donated to our Emergency Hunger Appeal in Uganda amidst painful cuts to global refugee funding and the COVID-19 lockdown. The food distribution has been even more needed than we thought originally. I want those who donated to know that their money has fed so many. Our local teams have distributed posho, beans, rice and silver fish equivalent to more than 10,000 plates of food and we haven’t finished yet. Each family living near the Hello Hubs received enough to feed every person in their family for several days.

The stories we are hearing from the people who have received food are distressing. Some in Fort Portal hadn’t eaten for the whole day before our team arrived early evening to distribute posho. Families in Nakivale refugee settlement went home to cook their beans immediately after collecting them because they were so hungry. In Kampala, we met so many pregnant women living next to the Hub who hadn’t been able to feed their own children sufficiently, let alone feed themselves. In one Hub community, parents had sent their children to collect the food because they were too sick and weak to collect it themselves.

We’ve had numerous phone calls from local leaders thanking us for this distribution and explaining that their people have been suffering. In Nakivale, there were tens of thousands we couldn’t reach and that’s not an exaggeration.

People have been so incredibly generous towards this appeal and their donations have gone straight to hungry mouths. We delivered what was asked for by each community and our community support officers have been incredible in prioritising the most vulnerable in their communities to receive food first. Right now, with our lockdown being extended yet again, vulnerability in Uganda is in every direction and we want desperately to continue distributing food to those who need it. You can still donate through our website. Please use the note section to let us know you’d like to support our emergency hunger appeal and every penny will go towards putting food on plates and feeding hungry people. Remember, £20 feeds 100, £100 feeds 500. 

Thank you so much if you have already donated or are about to. 

Click here to donate, and remember to use the note section to tell us you’re donating to the Emergency Hunger Appeal

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