Hello Hubs provide unlimited and free access to eight screens, educational software, the internet, solar-power and a community centre.

Here is how our solution came to life.

Story Of The Hello Hubs

Our story began when Katrin visited one of the world’s most remote tribes, the Hamar Tribe in Ethiopia. Katrin became interested, (we might say obsessed), with the idea of providing education in places where it’s difficult to retain teachers. After seeing yet another derelict school building that couldn’t be maintained and a community to which no teachers would go, she started to think about solutions.

Sugata Mitra’s TED Talk on the power of child-led learning provided the inspiration she had been looking for: community-led development!

In late 2013, the first Hello World pilot was launched in Suleja, Nigeria. The computer terminals survived dust storms and monsoon rain as children tapped away day and night educating themselves, telling their stories and connecting to the world.

Built by the Local Community

We don’t build Hello Hubs for communities. With our help, they build them themselves, as well as learn how to maintain and repair them. It’s a radical, self-sustaining model that relies on mutual investment and community participation. We’re challenging traditional thinking about development.

Unlimited Internet Access

One hub provides unlimited internet access for over 1,000 people. They’re WiFi enabled with multiple touch screens, so children can learn, connect and play at the same time, without limits.

The Digital Divide

Access to the internet is not a luxury, but a necessity and online learning and internet access is the key to bridging the equality gap. A Hello Hub brings increased computer dexterity and awareness, helping communities stay up to date with a rapidly changing world. 

Adding Value

Hello Hubs act as a launch pad for countless activities and programmes. So far these have included technology training for out of school young women, weekly women’s meetings, onetab programmes, community-led courses in photography, web design, cooking, journalism, tailoring…this list is always expanding.

Our Commitments

Hello World holds itself to the highest standards and we commit to acting morally and with integrity. Ultimately, judge us by what we do, but what we say matters too.

Modern Slavery Statement

How They Work

Each Hello Hub offers: eight screens, educational software, WiFi, a device charging station, lighting and solar power.

‘How to build a Hello Hub – A Guide’
Coming soon!

The Dome In some places, more rain cover and sunshade are needed, and so we designed the Dome.
Hello Hub 2.0 Like our very first Hello Hub but stepped up to the next level.
The Classroom Hello Hubs can be put into schools too! Here’s a classroom-based Hub which supports teachers and in-school learning.
The Power Station Not sunny enough to power? No problem, this Hub has a magneto charger to top up the batteries with pedal power!
iPad in the Wall An homage to our friend and Advisor Sugata Mitra and his original Hole In The Wall experiments. These Hubs can drive people to health centers and libraries.
Crate Every Hub arrives in one of these easy to transport crates and the community chooses the configuration.
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