Opening New Doors With Web Development Training

by Bob Martin Karugaba, Gweri, Fort Portal, Uganda

Bob runs web development classes twice a week at his local Hello Hub.

Hi, My name is Bob Martin Karugaba. I decided to start a web development training at the Hello World hub in my community Gweri, Fort-Portal, Uganda. It is something that has been on my heart for a long time but I had no way of doing it until Hello World put up a hub in my community.

I started this course due to a number of reasons.

One, there is a high number of youths in my community who went to school but were unable to complete school because they lacked school fees and are now working casual jobs and making bricks. I thought web development would help them get better jobs and make better income to look after themselves and their families.

Two, web development is something you get to learn for free yet it pays so highly. There are a variety of free resources online that you can use to learn web development. From youtube, to websites like, to name but a few. It is also a field where you get a high paying job without having a degree. The other advantage is that when you learn web development, you have entered into the field of software engineering. It becomes very easy for you to join other fields of software engineering for example mobile development because the skills you learn can be easily applied there. I could not name all the gains that you can get from web development here.

Am training the members of my community using the tablet computers that were given to us by Hello World. We use an online tool called It gives the learners an environment to write their code and also see how it would look like in a browser. During our second session, we had 8 participants and by the end of the session each learner had created an email address and created their own account on

Am hoping that at the end of this course learners have grasped the fundamentals of web development and can build a simple website. Am hoping to continue working with those that will have completed the course for them to grow and hopefully until they have found their job.

I would like to thank Hello World for bringing this hub to our community. For me it was an answered prayer. Except on Sundays, am always at the hub for at least 6 hours everyday keeping up to date with new technologies in web development and also working on clients’ projects. Thank you very much Hello World for this amazing opportunity.

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