Dispatch #6 Hello World is Listening

Dear Friends

It is time to share feedback from the most important people at Hello World, our Hub communities.

Impact measurement specialists 60decibels trained researchers from the Ugandan Hub communities and set about listening to people’s views on their hubs. The survey results show that the hubs are overwhelmingly and significantly improving the lives of those who use them. Among other highlights, we have learned that 90% of users in Uganda and 87% of users in Nepal feel that the Hub has improved their lives and that 47% of Ugandan users and 55% of those in Nepal have already used their hub to learn a new skill. You can view our results summary here, or get in touch if you would like to learn more.

We also have so many lovely quotes and stories from hub users – this one from Bitto Godfrey, a final year computer sciences student at Nyabukara Youth Centre, Fort Portal, Uganda stuck with me.

“Everyday since the lockdown I’ve been coming here and I’ve benefited for sure. I’ve made my research and I’ve almost completed my research and analysing it”

COVID has woken the world up to the digital divide. We’ve seen posts from UNICEF and the very great Michelle Obama advocating for internet equality, posts that could almost have been written by Hello World, they so directly reflect our philosophy and approach. Stories such as this one, of children in the United States having to use Taco Bell Wifi to do their homework, have alerted the world to this critical issue.

While you are deciding whether to go back to your old commute, consider not having the option of leaving a refugee camp. Consider the frustration of seeing children around you go without even the most basic education. The world has so much to learn from refugee and marginalised communities – the resourcefulness of those who own little or nothing, and the courage it takes to keep on going. Through the internet we can start to listen and learn and – with their observations, know-how and advice –  it’s possible that the world can turn towards a better and fairer future.

Love, and my thanks for helping us come this far, now we are planning for scale,



There is a great deal happening at Hello World at the moment. You can catch up on our Education Is, interview series and watch out for new posts coming soon.

You can also read my two new blogs on; Fulfilling the Power of the Internet and How to be a more Effective Philanthropist.

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