Dispatch #5 Listening, standing together, bringing about change.


Recent events around the world have served as a reminder that the injustices of the past are alive in the present.  

We all have a responsibility to understand this and bring about change, particularly those of us who have disproportionately benefitted from the inequality built into our system. 

At Hello World we have been taking inspiration from the many brilliant voices who are exposing the entrenched biases  in our own sector (here and here are a couple of our favourites). Please do share with me any links to articles that you have found informative or insightful. 

As a small gesture of solidarity in the fight against inequality we’ve changed the cursor on our website, and we’ve made the artwork available so that you can raise your fist too – here’s how.


Hello World is listening-led which means we always ask our community partners for their feedback so that together we can find better solutions and continually improve our work.

As well as criticism, it is also important to hear what is most valuable about the Hubs. Sometimes a simple comment – like this one from the Busawula Hello Hub – can be so encouraging and make us feel hopeful.
“I use it to teach my little sisters in the evening.”
It reminds us that access to education really does change lives.


The team at Hello World is always keen to learn too, which is why I am delighted to announce the launch of ‘Education Is…’ – our mini interview series highlighting the work of some extraordinary people around the globe who are building a fairer future. The series launches tomorrow with an interview with Sugata Mitra, founder of the “Hole in the Wall” experiment, winner of the TED Prize 2013, and inspiration behind Hello World’s child-led digital education Hubs. Sugata described Hello World as; “the grandchild of the Hole in the Wall, 16 years later…”

Look out for more inspiring interviews over the coming weeks.

Here’s to a fairer world,


P.S. For many of you, this will be the first Hello World dispatch you have received. Our BBC Radio 4 appeal, read by Stephen Fry, has been a huge success and we have been moved and inspired by the response. Thank you for your support.

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